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Bench bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement in a donor heart before transplantation

Critical donor shortages have impulsed the need to expand donor heart eligibility through the use of marginal hearts in cardiac transplantation. Donor valvular disease has been […]

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Recoartación de la aorta en pacientes sometidos a angioplastia percutánea con o sin implantación de stent

Resumen: Objetivo: La coartación de la aorta puede ser tratada quirúrgicamente o con angioplastia con balón. El objetivo de nuestro estudio fue describir los resultados postangioplastia percutánea […]

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Destination left ventricular assist devices in island states: asking too much or the inevitable solution.

Abstract Background Destination left ventricular assist device placement is increasing as a result of donor shortages and changing patient attitudes. As organ shortages become critical, LVAD […]

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Roadblocks in Chagas disease care in endemic and nonendemic countries: Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and the United States. The NET-Heart project

Abstract Background Chagas disease (CD) is endemic in Latin America; however, its spread to nontropical areas has raised global interest in this condition. Barriers in access […]

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