Heart surgery in Colombia


We have specialists in: thoracic surgery, cardiovascular, heart transplantation and pulmonary, congenital heart disease, vascular, and cardiovascular anesthesiology. We also have a select group of specialized nurses.

The surgery department Hernandez Alberto Villegas was founded in 1971 and that date to now we have operated thousands of patients from all regions of Colombia and several countries. Among our most important achievements is the first heart transplant in the country 1985 and the first lung transplant in Colombia 1997.

We have our own tissue bank for preparing bioprosthetic heart valves and different usage in the art, one of the congenital cardiovascular pathology services most advanced in Colombia and stem cell programs for peripheral vascular disease.

  • Heart Surgery for different pathology of heart valves.
  • coronary artery bypass.
  • Surgery to control arrhythmias.
  • Surgery for terminal heart failure.
  • Heart transplantation in adults and children
  • Correction of complex congenital heart disease.
  • Correction vascular heart disease.
  • Pacemaker Implantation.
  • Implant extracorporeal circulation for patients in transit heart transplant or heart failure refractory to medical treatment.

Minimally invasive heart surgery:

Cardio surgeons Clinic VID are practicing new techniques cardioquirúrgicas: It is Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, (MICS, for its acronym in English), in which doctors take steps to reduce trauma and speed recovery, using smaller incisions during surgery and special surgical instruments, designed specifically for this type of operation.

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Group of our Clinic, insurance benefits and advantages offered by these techniques and trying to be at the forefront of new technologies being developed in the world, they have adequate training in some referral centers in the United States in these new alternatives and have initiated in Medellin carrying out these practices.

The advantages of minimally invasive surgery are:

  • The smaller incision.
  • more attractive cosmetic results for the patient, because the scar is smaller.
  • Eliminates the complications of the breastbone, including infection (mediastinitis) which it has high costs when it appears.
  • Less blood loss during surgery.
  • ostensible reduction of trauma and pain after surgery.
  • It facilitates reoperation in the future.
  • The hospital stay is reduced.
  • faster time return to work.

thoracic surgery:

  • Correction of thoracic outlet.
  • Surgery for lung cancer control.
  • Lung Transplant.
  • Pulmonary decortication and pleurectomy.
  • lung reduction.
  • Thoracic sympathectomy for videoscopic hyperhidrosis and the full range of surgeries that can be performed by thoracoscopy and video.

vascular surgery:

  • Correction aneurysm or blockage of the abdominal aorta.
  • Implante de Stent Graft.
  • Correction thoracoabdominal aneurysm without cardiopulmonary bypass.
  • vascular grafts larger.

Peripheral Vascular:

  • Correction of all types of peripheral vascular disease arterial and venous.
  • Intrabdominal correction venous pathology video.
  • arterial grafts and implantation of stem cells to peripheral vascular disease distal.


  • Surgery for resolution of pathologies such as vascular malformations and aneurysms intra and extracerebral.
  • Tumor resection.
  • Discopathy column.
  • Correction valves for hydrocephalus.

General Surgery:

We serve all types of abdominal surgery, correction of elective general diseases and those potentially catastrophic.

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