Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure is a disease that affects 1 million people in Colombia, It occurs when the heart is weakened as a result of diseases such as acute myocardial infarction, hypertension, disease of heart valves, as the use of toxic chemotherapy drugs, alcohol and substance abuse and some viruses that affect the heart.

Patients with heart failure have many limitations to perform their daily life and activities that require effort, also often they have difficulty breathing and retain fluid in your legs , abdominal organs and lungs.

In clinical CardioVID we are convinced that we can help the patient with heart failure live better, for this reason we are pioneers in the city in creating a special program called "HEART FAILURE CLINIC" in which our patients receive comprehensive and multidisciplinary care including monitoring by trained cardiologists in the area, nursing education and follow-up, cardiac rehabilitation and a psychoeducational program for the patient and his family. After entering our program , our patients feel better, They are hospitalized less, live longer and better quality of life because we offer the best treatment alternatives , with a comprehensive approach.

Access to the program is through patient referral by the attending physician of your EPS or directly to patients or prepaid health policy to request an appointment to our Call center.

The staff that is part of this program are cardiologists Clara Saldarriaga, Luis Fajardo Gallego and Catalina and nurses Adriana Agudelo and Cristina Marin.

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