The donation is a humanitarian act, altruistic and generous family that sublimates the pain of losing a loved one with life expectancy for others. The donation is an absolutely free indeed.

Law 1805 of 2016 define what:

"It is presumed that you are a donor When a person, during his lifetime, you have refrained from exercising your right to object to the removal of anatomical components from your body after your death.

Paragraph 1. The will to donate expressed in life by a person can only be revoked by himself and cannot be replaced by his relatives and / or relatives.

Paragraph 2. Donations do not create any kind of family bond, cool or economic.”

For each organ and tissue donor, more than 55 people

Say yes to organ donation!

You can declare yourself as an organ donor! ¡Cjoin your family and let it talk!

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