We celebrate the 35 years of heart transplantation in Colombia!

Replace a heart for another is an immense task that requires courage, discipline, science, skill and a great commitment to save lives. This was the mission titanic what does 35 years he undertook an interdisciplinary group of the Clinic Cardio VID, led by doctors Alberto Villegas Hernández and Darío Fernandez.

Was the first from December to 1985, when the team at our Clinic gave him the great news to the country of the first heart transplant in Colombia and the third in Latin America.

The receiver of this feat was Mr. Antonio Yepes, a worker in 36 years old who recovered his quality of life, was able to return to work, had another child and lived for two more years.

Today the heart transplant is still life and hope: 570 children's lives, young boys, adults and seniors, have had the opportunity to beat with hope thanks to this milestone in medicine achieved by the Cardio.

Our work has not stopped and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made 15 heart transplants.

Thanks to delivery, the painstaking interdisciplinary work and leadership that characterizes us, We celebrate this feat with the firm commitment to continue caring for their hearts, because Cardio Clinic VID, We are specialists in your heart.

Clinica Cardio AT
Clinica Cardio AT
Specialists heart. With 55 years experience, Our clinic specializes in diagnostics, and emergency treatments in cardiovascular areas, chest, pulmonary and neurovascular. The complexity of our specialties and highly qualified personnel, place us as a center of IV degree of complexity, the highest category in our country has a hospital.
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