Clinica Cardio AT: 55 years in your heart

We were born as the specialists of your heart and today, 55 years later, we take care of your cardiovascular health, neurovascular and pulmonary experienced,  leadership and humanized attention.

55 years of gratitude for the history of our Clinic

Created on 13 August 1966 by the Mariana Congregation of Medellín, the Cardio VID Clinic is one of the first institutions specialized in cardiovascular health in Colombia.

55 years of hope and life for our patients

581 heart transplants and 137 lung transplants made to date, being the pioneer institution in the country in venturing into these surgeries.

Milestones in pediatric cardiology in Colombia

We are pioneers in correction of complex congenital heart disease, such as hypoplastic left ventricle syndrome.

We are pioneers in interventionism by pediatric cardiac catheterization.

We are the only institution that has a program for monitoring patients with complex heart disease as the single ventricle

55 years in the heart of the media

The media are part of our history, they have accompanied us throbbing with emotion with the great achievements of our Clinic, among which stand out:

  • First heart transplant in Colombia and third in Latin America (1985).
  • First lung transplant in Colombia (1997). 
  • First bilateral lung transplant in Colombia (1998).
  • First heart transplant performed on a two-and-a-half-month-old boy, being the smallest baby to be heart transplanted in the country (2006).
  • First mitral valve implant without surgery in Medellín (2020).
  • Unique in Medellín to provide ECMO therapy. Since the year 2013 our Clinic began to provide the ECMO therapy service. To date we have served 295 people with this therapy, of which 52 have been in critical condition due to Covid-19.

Join us to celebrate these 55 years old!

This Friday 13 August we celebrate the 55 years of life and service of our Cardio VID Clinic. In commemoration of this history full of milestones, joys, effort and dedication, we want to share a thanksgiving eucharist. Connect to 11:00 a. m. to attend live through the channel Organization VID YouTube or accompanies the transmission by deferred at 6:00 p. m. by the sign of Tele VID.

We need your help to keep saving lives! Our Cardio VID Clinic and its committed team of collaborators have been a benchmark in health during these 55 years old. You also contribute to enable greater attention, research and health care!

Clinica Cardio AT
Clinica Cardio AT
Specialists heart. With 55 years experience, Our clinic specializes in diagnostics, and emergency treatments in cardiovascular areas, chest, pulmonary and neurovascular. The complexity of our specialties and highly qualified personnel, place us as a center of IV degree of complexity, the highest category in our country has a hospital.
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