Specialists his heart ...
This slogan realizes one of our strengths and it was this, heart, the reason why half a century ago this clinic was created and unhappy with being pioneers are today the most advanced in the topic.

Therefore our research and our advances always go in that direction.

With pride we have in our scientific trasegar with being the first to implement a laboratory for developing heart valves, also performed the first surgery and valve replacement surgery pioneered correction complex congenital heart disease.

The first heart transplant in Colombia and one in Latin America realized by us, even newborns.

We have the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Pediatric country, a dedicated 100% their beds for the management of pediatric patients with heart problems.

And for adults the opportunities are not least because our service Clinical Cardiology what constitutes a qualified group of specialists, who are responsible for making a comprehensive evaluation of patients with cardiovascular disease or at risk of it.