What are the cardiovascular symptoms that should alert us to consult during the COVID emergency?

Faced with the health emergency that we live in the department, the specialists of our Cardio VID Clinic have made a list of cardiovascular symptoms for which you should consult the emergency department:

– Chest pain

– Difficulty breathing when exerting or resting.

– Palpitations.

– Unconsciousness.

– Loss of strength or ability to speak.

If you have one of the symptoms described, please go to the emergency room immediately. Timely care for cardiovascular disease will save your life.

On the other hand, specialists report that the presence of other symptoms should be consulted with their EPS through the virtual channels they have. Clarity regarding the symptoms that require urgent hospital care and those that can be treated from home is essential to control the saturation of hospitals.

Clinica Cardio AT
Clinica Cardio AT
Specialists heart. Over 50 years experience, Our clinic specializes in diagnostics, and emergency treatments in cardiovascular areas, chest, pulmonary and neurovascular. The complexity of our specialties and highly qualified personnel, place us as a center of IV degree of complexity, the highest category in our country has a hospital.
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