Refresher courses


talks to update you on electrophysiology and arrhythmias for quality care

Target audiences: professional nurses (includes nursing students from the last two semesters), RX Technologists and Nursing Assistants.

objective: Provide tools that will improve the clinical practices performed by nurses and other professions.

Duration 10 hours
Modality virtual
Special features asynchronous, cost of $50.000 COP


Preparation of the patient to be operated on in EEFF wards
Illustrate about the protocol for preparing patients who are intervened in the hemodynamics service of the Cardio VID Clinic - Laura Isabel Valencia Molina, cardiovascular nurse specialist nurse
Basics of cardiac anatomy and physiology: structure and functions, driving system
Present cardiac anatomy and physiology to contextualize procedures performed in an electrophysiology procedure room - Juan Pablo Garcia Carvajal, cardiovascular nursing specialist nurse
Anatomy of an arrhythmia
Understand the cardiac conduction system and the genesis of arrhythmias - Dr. Juan David Ramirez Barrera, cardiologist electrophysiologist
Cardiac arrhythmias: FA
Strengthen knowledge about atrial fibrillation and the importance of nursing care for the population that suffers from it - Laura Gutierrez Montoya, nurse
Electrical cardioversion
Strengthen the basic concepts to the nursing professional on the subject of cardioversion - Heidi Andrea Cortes Hernández, epidemiology nurse specialist
Cardiac arrhythmias: locks
Expand knowledge related to heart block and its causes - Magdalena Londoño Ospina, nurse
FA Clinic
Publicize the atrial fibrillation program and its impact on the population served - Laura Gutierrez Montoya, nurse
Non-invasive electrophysiology aids service: Holter and event monitor
Publicize the Holter service and the role of the professional nurse in this - Marta Lopez, cardiovascular nurse specialist nurse
Arrhythmias in children
Identify frequent rhythm disorders in children and their initial approach - cardiologist electrophysiologist
Basic electrocardiography workshop
Understand the basics of the electrocardiogram and the approach it offers to patient care - Dr. Juan David Ramirez Barrera, cardiologist electrophysiologist
High-voltage implantable devices
Know the basics of high voltage devices differentiating them from low voltage devices - Luis Alfonso Vargas González, nurse (Abbot)
Low-voltage implantable devices
Present relevant concepts related to implantable low voltage devices - Yuli Andrea Vasquez Gomez , cardiovascular nurse specialist nurse (Medtronic)