These transplants are always made of deceased donor, usually young people, less than 40 years that have suffered irreversible brain damage and a neurologist determined that brain dead, which means that no longer has any chance of recovery. The donation is a humanitarian act, altruistic and generous family that sublimates the pain of losing a loved one with life expectancy for others. The donation is an absolutely free indeed.

Restrictions for a heart transplant or lung:

* No transplanted seniors 70 years old.

* Nor those who suffer terminal damage other organs or who have no chance of rehabilitation after transplantation.

* Those with the presence of chronic active infectious diseases or.

* Mental illness and homelessness is another reason why a transplant is performed.

* Addiction liquor, cigarettes or drugs must be overcome and demonstrate at least one year free consumer.

Post surgical care

Once patients are transplanted, They are monitored by the respective service before, during and after transplant. The transplanted to continue life with strict regular checks, to detect rejection episodes and to monitor problems arising transplant. Lifelong transplant patients must take anti-rejection drugs.