We presented our experience in best practices sterilization, recognized seminar in the sector

Last 27 March, our surgical scrub nurse Beatriz Elena Cardona Amaya, shared the experience we have gained on good practice in the CSSD, VIII Seminar on Disinfection and Sterilization Hospital.

With the conference "Traceability successfully in the central sterilization”, Beatriz Elena exposed 185 assistants and surgical sterilization area, how our work has been based on patient safety and quality of our service, according to current standards based on best practices (resolutions 2183 of the 2004 and 2003 of the 2014).

Our participation in this event was very important, because it brought together a group of professionals from the central sterilization various health institutions in our city, with whom we shared our experience and who we could reference.

Clinica Cardio AT
Clinica Cardio AT
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