Heart failure in women

Drag. Clara Saldarriaga
Colombian Journal of Cardiology
Publication date: 01/2018


Introduction: heart failure is a highly prevalent disease; it is estimated that
he 50% of the cases that occur in the world correspond to women.
objectives: review current concepts that point to differences in epidemiology, the
clinical presentation, the treatment and prognosis of heart failure in women.
Methodology: A systematic review of the literature was carried out using the databases
Results: women more often have non-ischemic heart disease; peripartum heart disease emerges as a unique etiology of the female sex, in which women are
commonly classified in advanced functional class and have poorer quality of life despite
lower mortality.
Conclusions: heart failure in women represents a challenge for the systems of
Health. Traditionally, women have been poorly represented in clinical trials and
there are barriers to accessing health care.

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