Heart transplantation

The VID Cardio Clinic is the first heart transplant center in Colombia and it was at this center, Year of 1985, where the first heart transplant in the country and the third was held in Latin America. Since then there have been about 400 transplants for people from all over the country and from abroad.

Who should be transplanted?

Patients who benefit from a heart transplant are those in terminal heart failure with great deterioration in quality of life, with limitations to develop simple activities like walking a few meters, bathe, dressing and shortness of breath even at rest.

Also can be transplanted those suffering from intractable angina that can not be revascularized by surgery or angioplasty patients with malignant arrhythmias that fail to control with medications or implantable cardioverter with.

These people when there is no alternative treatment, heart transplantation can provide them the opportunity to lead a normal life again.