Lung Transplant

We are pioneers and leaders in Colombia with more than 90 lung transplants.

The service lung transplant, VID of the Cardio Clinic, was implemented in October 1997, after the experience and growth that had the heart transplant program.

Diseases which have made these transplants have been diverse and advanced stage; where previously all therapeutic possibilities were exhausted.

Who should be transplanted?

Lung transplantation is a life choice for those who have any terminal lung disease not amenable to medical treatment and the prognosis for survival is less than two years.

Process for transplantation

The candidates for cardiac transplantation or lung, are evaluated and studied, by the Committee Transplant (an interdisciplinary group), who are ultimately responsible, making the final decision and successful, enabling give you a better quality of life to patients who are apt to be subjected to this intervention. The patient and family should be informed widely the benefits and risks of the operation and the problems that can occur after transplantation. That must read and sign the informed consent before surgery.

The Committee Transplant Clinic reviews the test results and determines if the patient can be transplanted and authorizes enroll in the waiting list that notifies the National Donation and Transplant Network.

Where the patient is the order of the EPS or the insurer is put into green light for transplantation and from this moment is awaiting that you find the suitable donor, which must be compatible with your blood group and with their weight and height.