Percutaneous treatment of chronic total occlusions Part 1

Dr. Carlos Esteban Uribe
Carlos and. Uribe Mauricio Zúñiga, Jaime Cabrales placeholder image, Libardo Medina, Federico Saaib
Colombian Journal of Cardiology
Publication date: 12/2017


The interventional treatment of chronic total occlusions has been one of the most complex procedures for the interventional cardiologist, even more so in the case of a procedure that frequently turns out to be unsuccessful; but nevertheless, in recent years there has been significant progress due to the creation of novel subintimal dissection and reentry techniques, the adoption of the retrograde technique and the design of organized flowcharts that allowed the conceptualization of the hybrid recanalization strategy for the treatment of chronic total occlusions, in order to achieve never-before-seen success rates. This article is an evidence-based review of the available treatments for chronic total occlusions., in an effort to unify concepts based on existing strategies.

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