The VID Cardio Clinic, It includes in its mission: "To contribute to the academic development through research and knowledge management", for that, has the Cardiovascular Research Center "Mario Montoya Toro", which aims to promote scientific research in all areas of work of the institution, under the ethical aspects required to carry out projects.

Within academic research activities are conducted type supporting and accompanying students from different areas of health and to the employees of the institution to promote awareness and interest in the research area. Equally, we participate in courses and national and international conferences in the areas of health relevant to the institution, seeking to boost learning and updating of topics of interest.

Clinical studies are also conducted with the sponsorship of pharmaceutical companies, also called research with industry, based in cardiovascular and pulmonary, in order to contribute to science and the search for therapeutic alternatives and thus provide opportunity for improvement in the quality of life of people; these activities are subject to the GCP in research on humans taking into account local legislation and regulation.

For the execution of all actions the center has research experience and is trained and qualified personnel with adequate physical plant, complying with the requirements set by the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA).