Ongoing investigations

We have an area of ​​academic research that is articulated with the universities in a Teaching-Service agreement and that part, at the same time, of the interest in research and innovation of our transversal and healthcare areas. We support the methodological components, analysis of results and writing of manuscripts for publication in high impact indexed journals. Every year we have more than 50 projects of this type, some of them linked to Scientific Societies such as the Colombian Society of Cardiology. We also have the research hotbed for undergraduate medical students SICAP (Research Hotbed on Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases) and the Research Group on Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases linked to MinCiencias.

He 2021, we close with a production, endorsed by the Cardio VID Clinic and the EAFIT University, that in its entirety contributed::

** Generation of new knowledge: 68

** Social appropriation of knowledge and public dissemination of science: 46

** Products of activities related to training of human resources for CTeI : 4

In these processes participated 28 Members (uno de Eafit)