Laboratory valves and tissue bank

As a result of this investigative spirit, our history we have been the first institution in Colombia to have a Lab Heart Valves, producing them at much lower costs on imported.

Valves Laboratory and Tissue Bank launched the Cardiovascular Clinic since 1968 processing and preservation aortic homografts and pulmonary, leading to the creation of the first bank of cardiovascular tissues in the country.

Since its inception we have developed the appropriate technology to process bio-implants and so we have been improving the quality of our products to provide better service to users.

In our tissue bank or aortic homografts human heart valves and lung are preserved.

According to the patient's needs, homografts or may not include respective valves, so they are classified as valved conduits or avalvulados.

Homografts can be used in valvular abnormalities congenital or acquired type, how come: malformation valve, rheumatic disease, valvular wall aneurysms fails, native valve endocarditis or infection or malfunction of valves implanted. As well, the aortic and pulmonary homograft used in reconstructive procedures of the outflow tract of the right ventricle and the left ventricle.