The Cardio VID Clinic held for the first time in Antioquia, a ventricular assist implant, a device that performs the pumping function of the heart

The Cardio VID Clinic held for the first time in Antioquia,a ventricular assist implant, un dispositivoque realiza la función de bombeo del corazón Gracias a este […]

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MINI MICS, new technique of minimally invasive surgery for babies and children, developed in Medellín for the world

  ● MINI MICS is a unique technique in the world, which has allowed to improve the quality of life of 20 babies with serious illnesses or […]

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At the Cardio VID Clinic, your pets are welcome!

During your stay you can receive the visit of your pet. Before bringing it you must meet the following requirements: 1. Have the vaccination card. […]

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Specialists from our Clinic successfully managed a complex surgical case, which was published in the international journal Acta Chirurgica Belgica

Se trata del reporte de caso titulado “MitraClip como puente para el reemplazo de la válvula mitral en el contexto de isquemia por shock cardiogénico y […]

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