International Patients

The Cardio VID Clinic has an international patient care office ready to help you solve your specialized care needs in the cardiovascular areas., pulmonary and peripheral vascular.


Within the services of the Office of International patient are:

• Evaluation of your application and budget shipping medical expenses by email.

• Coordination of appointments with the specialist as well as procedures or surgeries required after analyzing the application.

• Assigning executive appointments for conducting checks with emphasis cardiovascular offered at the institution.

• If RSVP, We will send you a form for payments from abroad. Once we receive the payment support, we will proceed to schedule the appointments that have been coordinated.

• Delivery of medical reports at the end of the service in English or in Spanish.

• Ability to communicate with your treating physician where necessary.

• In the case of international health insurance, We can contact your representative to verify coverage for your treatment in our institution and help with the administrative steps required and delivery of documents needed in cases applying the method of payment for reimbursement.


The Clinic has the ideal human and technical-scientific resources to offer integrality in the service from emergency care to general hospitalization, special care and intensive care for adults and children including invasive and noninvasive diagnostic aids in their areas of expertise, thus optimizing their time during their stay in both the institution and the city.


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    Executive Checks

    Our portfolio of executive check-ups has a cardiovascular emphasis and in all options, contemplates an initial evaluation by general medicine, clinical laboratory, chest x-ray, total abdominal ultrasound and electrocardiogram, final evaluation with results by cardiology and nutrition. According to the chosen program, the diagnostic aids described will be carried out. Appointments should ideally be requested with a minimum 2 weeks in advance.

    Conoce el portafolio con la descripción de los contenidos de cada uno de los tipos de chequeo:

    care process
    Before travelling

    1. Send us medical information that is relevant to the current request for care, it is important that you include the symptoms, the current condition of the patient and the medications they are taking or the treatments they have received and the results of recent diagnostic aids or examinations.

    2. Once we receive the clinical information that allows us to have a clearer idea of ​​the patient's clinical condition, se le enviará una propuesta de un plan de diagnóstico y tratamiento que sea lo más ajustado a las necesidades del paciente, teniendo en cuenta los días de estancia en la Clínica y en la ciudad. Patients must have a companion of legal age who can support decision-making and take care of the patient.

    3. You will receive the budget for medical care in Colombian pesos, Said value must be paid in full before arriving at the appointment. Cada factura se hace al terminar la atención, If at that time there is a balance in favor of the patient, the refund process is carried out., equally, if the care ends and the costs were greater than the previously stipulated value, el paciente debe realizar el pago del excedente a la Clínica. Refunds of payments made by credit card have a bank cost of 5%.

    4. If you have health insurance with coverage abroad, we can establish contact with your representatives to advance authorization procedures for your care prior to admission.

    5. Check that your documents are in order. You can ask us if you have questions or consult the Colombian migration page and the Foreign Ministry It is also important that you know that travelers entering or leaving the country, carrying foreign currency or Colombian legal currency in cash for an amount greater than ten thousand dollars of the United States of America ($10.000 Dollars) or its equivalent in other currencies, is required to fill out and submit to the DIAN, the formula 530 – Baggage Declaration of Cash and Representative Titles in Money – Travelers.

    6. The Cardio VID Clinic has a main headquarters located in the Robledo neighborhood, northwest of the city in the direction of Calle 78 B # 75 – 21, and an outpatient center in the Ciudad del Río sector in the race 48 # 20 – 74. Learn about the city, You can visit the official page at and choose your accommodation and transport. The majority of international patients are located in the sectors of Laureles and El Poblado.

    7. Once the budget is received and approved, We proceed to process the payment and confirmation of the previously defined appointments.

    8. Instructions will be given for the preparation that is necessary before the exams

    During the care process

    1. Admission to the clinic on the agreed day and time for confirmed health care
    2. Clinical care according to institutional protocols.
    3. Permanent communication with the patient and his family
    4. Support in administrative procedures and monitoring of medical expenses.
    5. Achievement of new appointments or interconsultations generated in the initial care.
    6. Updating letters of guarantee and dialogue with the insurer in applicable cases.
    After care process
    1. Delivery of clinical history supports
    2. Summary of the clinical history in English or Spanish according to the needs
    3. Communication with your treating doctor in the cases that are required
    4. Coordination of new control appointments with treating specialists
    5. Completion of certificates for travel authorization at the indicated time
    6. Procedures for reimbursement of surpluses or collection of the same as the case may be.
    7. We appreciate your testimonials and opinions about the experience you have had with the service
    Why choose the VID Cardio Clinic for your medical care?
    1. safe medical care

    2. humanized service

    3. Experience: More of 55 years in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease .
    4. Comprehensive care: emergency, specialized consultation, hospitalization, invasive and non-invasive specialized diagnostic aids, interventional procedures and cardiovascular and pulmonary surgery, support with ECMO.
    5. Satisfaction of our patients data from satisfaction surveys

    Conoce Medellín

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