Process for transplantation

Candidates for heart or lung transplantation are patients who have already exhausted all treatment alternatives for their disease, in which transplantation is the only viable option to achieve an improvement in their quality of life. These patients are evaluated and studied by the Transplantation Committee, made up of an interdisciplinary group and led by specialists in cardiology or pulmonology, according to the case. This committee, after making a comprehensive analysis of the medical conditions and the results of all the examinations considered in the pre-transplant protocol, recommends continuing with the transplant process if you consider that the patient It is suitable to undergo this intervention.

Given the implications that this type of treatment has in the long term, the patient and his family are fully informed of the benefits and risks of the operation, as well as the situations they may face during and after the transplant. Once it is defined that the patient is a candidate for the procedure, you join the waiting list that is notified to the National Donation and Transplant Network; once you have the authorization of the insurance company, yes green light for transplantation. From this moment, you are waiting to get a donor compatible with your blood group, with your weight and height.

It is important to clarify that, from Colombian legislation, the Law 1805 of 2016, in the article 10, It specifies that “the provision of organ and tissue transplant services to foreigners not residing in the national territory is prohibited, Unless the recipient is a spouse or permanent partner, relative in fourth degree of consanguinity, second of affinity or first civil of the donor ".

Heart and lung transplantation forever are made from deceased donors; generally of young people, under 40 years who have suffered irreversible brain damage and diagnosed with brain death, which means they have no chance of recovering.

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