Service executive checkups

This service offered by the VID Cardio Clinic is designed to meet the health status of the person, the functioning of your body and risk factors, to prevent cardiovascular disease or its early detection help.

We have all the medical support, latest technology and high scientific level to provide a reliable and personalized attention.

* You must request an appointment in advance on phones: (+57) 604 560 60 15| (+57) 604 322 70 90 ext 4555.
* Note that each type of check has a different value.
Executive basic check

This test provides information about the overall health and allows early detection of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It is recommended for all adults.


* Complete history.

* General medical examination.

* Shot and interpretation of electrocardiograms.

* Abdominal ultrasound complete: liver, base, pancreas, kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate (men), uterus and ovaries (women), aorta and peritoneum.

* Chest X-ray.

* Laboratory tests: CBC, complete lipid profile, glycemia, VDRL serology or, blood group and Rh factor, TSH, LFTs, Uric acid, renal function, Urinalysis, coprological, fecal occult blood, prostate antigen (men) and cervical cytology or direct Gram vaginal discharge (women).

Special Executive Checkup

It is recommended for people over 40 or persons with risk factors previously diagnosed.

In addition to the basic check tests, practiced:

* Stress test: enabling the detection of coronary disease may, physical ability and behavior of blood pressure with exercise.

* Echocardiography: allows the doctor to view, measuring and assessing cardiac contractility, the morphology operation and valvular heart.

* Mammography: for the early detection and assessment of breast cancer in women over 40 years old.

Special executive checkup cardiovascular

It is recommended for people over 40 or persons with a history of coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular.

Includes basic screening tests and special and also:

* Triplex carotid arteries: test that can indicate the state of the arteries leading to the brain.

* Ankle brachial index: This test allows evaluation of peripheral arterial circulation.

Special Executive Cardiovascular Checkup With Measuring Calcium Score

It is aimed at people over 40 with a family history of heart disease or known risk factors for cardiovascular disease or both circumstances. Includes previous screening tests more:

Chest CT with measuring Calcium Score

The calcium score seeks to determine the presence of calcium in the coronary arteries and thus present a broader picture of the risk of acute obstruction, joining other risk factors and the corresponding interpretation by the treating physician.

This test is not indicated in patients who already have coronary artery disease, since you are looking to measure risk in the patient it is already established.

Have shown that early detection of atherosclerotic coronary disease and its control, can lead to positively influence the prognosis of the quality of life of patients, their motivation to care and collaboration with the recommended treatment.

How to Prepare

The examination is ambulatory (not require hospitalization) and is conducted from Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 m.

1. Do not stop, for no reason, medication you are taking.

2. Follow a normal diet the day before the checkup, without liquor, no fat and plenty of liquid.

3. Refrain from smoking the day before the check and do not consume soda or fizzy medication.

4. The last meal of the day before to check, should ingest before 8:00 p.m.

5. If female, the day before and the appointment, any medication or douche not be applied.

6. Assist with comfortable clothes for exercise testing.

7. Must come to the clinic to 7:00 a.m. and presented on the third floor (Executive Checks), with urine and fecal matter in suitable containers for it (you can get them at any pharmacy).

8. On the day of check fasting take two glasses of water and try not urinate until you have performed abdominal ultrasound.

9. The check-in date or later, according to findings, your doctor may recommend other tests.

Ask for an appointment in advance on the phone: (0574) 445 42 26 | (0574) 322 70 50 ext 4555.

Delivering Results

Two days after the test, appointment, must return to the VID Cardio Clinic cardiologist analyze the results.

Prevention and Early different diseases that can affect the health status diagnostics are a benefit to their quality of life present and future.

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