Emergency Service

We provide our services during 24 hour, the 365 days a year.

Our specialty is the cardiovascular area: cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, chest surgery, hemodynamic, electrophysiology, pediatric cardiology, inter, but we also have specialties such as neurology support, pulmonology and internal medicine, to comprehensively address the needs of our patients.

We have an installed capacity to serve 17 patients with the necessary technology for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases in different areas, chest, pulmonary and neurovascular. We also have an office setting designed for the care and patient classification.

Human group

To pay better attention, we service the specialists 24 hours: to a cardiologist 1 Evening and specialists in emergency medicine at night and during weekends; further 34 medical plant, all with extensive knowledge and experience in cardiovascular topics.


When requesting service, you will be greeted by Secretary who will ask some basic information to be entered. Subsequently perform a query sorting or "triage", that is to define the priority in which will be attended, because of the severity of their condition and not always in the order of arrival.

Then you will be admitted to the service, where you will receive a preliminary assessment by nurses and receive medical care, initially by a general practitioner and then by the relevant specialist.

Our portfolio of services is directed to insurers through compulsory health plan (POS), prepaid medicine, policies and individual patients.

Contact: (+ 57) 604 445 41 67

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