interventional radiology

The VID Cardio Clinic, It has two interventional radiologists with extensive experience and background in the middle, to the point that they have become national and international reference for colleagues. Through them, provides interventional radiology services in the areas of:

Neurointervencionismo: correction of cerebral aneurysms embolization, brain stent implantation to correct narrowing of the arteries intra and extra brain, etc.

vascular interventional: correction of pelvic varices (dilation of the veins of the pelvis), correction stricture (narrowness) limb arteries, correction of aneurysms (dilations) aortic, area in which we have become a center of excellence at national and international level, obtaining the best clinical outcomes in patients with this type of disease that is considered to be of high complexity and risk. Correction vessel malformations (arteries and veins), etc. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the arteries of various organs that cause functional alterations to patients.