About Cardio

Specialists heart

Have 55 years experience, Our clinic specializes in diagnostics, and emergency treatments in cardiovascular areas, chest, pulmonary and neurovascular. The complexity of our specialties and highly qualified personnel, place us as a center of IV degree of complexity, the highest category in our country has a hospital.

We have known for being pioneers and leaders in heart transplants and lung in Colombia.

On Infrastructure, Cardio Clinic in VID possess a venue built on different levels, a total area 15.413 m in a lot of 57.140 m2 and we plan to expand our facilities to improve user comfort and convenience.

Tour our Cardio VID Clinic in 360 °. Move the arrows to see our facilities!
What does VID?

"I am the vine, you are the branches. Juan 15, 5”

The V represents the heart, life, which we defend and we do our best to keep our health work.

I, It represents the human being, por quien trabajamos en nuestras obras reconociendo su dignidad como hijo de Dios.

D, representa la naturaleza y expresa nuestro compromiso con el Desarrollo sostenible.


The VID Cardio Clinic is a work of the Congregation Mariana, providing comprehensive health services highly complex children and adults in cardiovascular specialties, torácicos, pulmonary and neurovascular, with the best technical standards, scientific and safety, with profound respect for human dignity.

Contributes to the academic development through research and knowledge management.


Increase the social and evangelizing impact through the Works placed at the service of the community.


* Respect for human dignity.

* Constant search for the best possible quality in terms of humanization, Science and Technology.

* Orientation to social needs that are not adequately addressed, the criterion of greater universality.

* Preferential Option, but not exclusive, by poor people.

* Commitment to service, defining a vision of man-centered management.

* Development of a highly labor community identified with this mission, philosophy and the basic objectives that are derived thereof.


• Trust: Confidence is generated starting to believe in the other and to build corporate relationships, social and human integrity, transparency, clarity, stability, respect and truth.

• Respect: Recognition and appreciation of the dignity of the person as a fundamental source of human relationships, social and organizational differences without conditions or. You respect the person, the environment and nature with consistent actions that help preserve harmony in coexistence, welfare and common good.

• Integrity: real behavior, responsible, leal, coherent, consistent and honest sought by the institutional purpose.

• Solidarity: special bond with one that requires and needs help, support for, fraternal love. The Organization directs all efforts to build a society worthy, just, balanced and equitable.

• Service: Give to others with love all abilities, talents and human and institutional efforts.

comprehensive policy management systems VID Organization
  • comprehensive policy management systems: The VID Organization offers its customers through continuous improvement of service delivery and / or manufacture of human quality, techno-scientific and rational cost, under safe working conditions, with social responsibility and respect for nature.
  • Security Policy: The VID Organization collects and manages the Works of the Congregation Mariana, and is committed to providing a safe environment and care, promoting a culture of security involving all persons and entities with whom they interact, providing the necessary resources to identify, prevent and reduce risks, avoiding damage while in the institution.
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The VID Organization

It is the group that make up the 13 social works created by the Congregation Mariana Medellin and administered by the Organization VID Foundation. VID Cardio Clinic is part of the Organization. These works are:

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