Single Ventricle Program of the Cardio VID Clinic

The single ventricle program of the Cardio VID Clinic cares for pediatric patients with cardiac abnormalities, where the cardiovascular function is performed through a single anatomical or physiological ventricle. This includes highly complex heart disease where we provide support not only to the patient, but to his family nucleus. Anomalies with univentricular physiology are the ones that entail the greatest challenges for the groups that work in congenital cardiology. Babies born with these conditions, require specialized treatment and close monitoring. One of our main objectives, is to ensure that children born with this condition, can lead a full and active life.

Univentricular pathway

Children with univentricular heart disease are unique, and its management will depend on the basic anatomy and physiology. In the previous graph we can see the general way to go, which will be:

For Right heart hypoplasia, we will have as stage I the implantation of ductal stent, performing BT Fistula, pulmonary cerclage, or expectant management.

For Left heart hypoplasia, we will have Norwood surgery as stage I, the Damus Kayel Stansel or the Hybrid procedure (Stent ductal, cerclage of pulmonary branches and guarantee wide ASD).


Our team of professionals has more than 25 years experience in diagnosis, management and follow-up of patients with univentricular heart. We were the first nationally, in facing this group of patients and the program was born for this reason, seeking to further improve the survival and quality of life of our children.

The single ventricle program provides a full range of services where nursing and pediatric cardiology, try to support, guidance and care for each of the patients through telephone contact, electronic and face-to-face. This support encompasses all aspects of care, since diagnosis, to medical and surgical treatments, development in other non-cardiovascular spheres and social support. We focus on improving every detail that can affect the final result of the patient, so we are attentive to offering access to drugs, surgical events, hemodynamics and advanced technology (as a heart transplant), in order to accompany our patients to lead a full and active life.

In addition to this, we support other centers and groups of families in Colombia and internationally.


Patients with single ventricle physiology, they are not equal to each other. The complexity of cardiac anatomy and its physiology, they make each defect different and therefore each of our patients is unique.

Being able to offer multiple approaches and management, our team of experts will work with each other and with families to develop a plan of care that works for each individual, in which the family will receive all the support they need on this path.


We provide prenatal consultation to help families understand the diagnosis and guide them through possible treatment options for their child..


Our staff of surgeons has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of the most complex heart conditions., including in these, to patients with single ventricle, showing success rates comparable to first world countries.

Our surgeons work closely with the operating room staff (anesthesiologists, perfusionistas, instrumentators, nurses) and with the cardiology staff (echocardiographers, hemodinamistas, intensivists and clinical cardiologists), to use the best options in the least invasive treatment and with the best possible results.


Most of our children with univentricular hearts undergo 3 surgical stages, the first of these in the neonatal period, the next in the infant period and the third in the school period. We call this set of surgeries univentricular palliation..

But there is a subgroup of patients, in which we can achieve a circulation with the 2 functional ventricles (biventricular repair) which is an option available in very few centers.


For children undergoing this univentricular pathway, one of the most critical moments is between the first and second surgery. Our program provides support and education to parents during this crucial time, through a Head Nurse who channels all the information and a pediatric cardiologist who, together with the former, completes the care and follow-up.


Patients should be followed throughout life by a cardiologist with experience in single ventricle. Hence, our patients upon reaching the 18 years old, are transferred to adult congenital heart disease program, where a group of pediatric cardiology and adult cardiology, continue to provide the necessary support to all these patients who live with Fontán circulation.



Maria Hilda Munera Head Nurse and Ecmologist

Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist.

Nursing Leader in the Single Ventricle Program

contact cell phone: + 57 3053243682



Monica Isabel Guzman Bustamante

Pediatric Cardiologist and Echocardiographer

Single Ventricle Program Leader

Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, University of Antioquia and CES University.